LED: A future committee's perspective

On the 6th of February, the biggest formal event for econometricians took place in the NBC in Nieuwegein, the LED 2020! As we are the committee responsible for the LED 2021, we were the chosen ones to be volunteers for the LED 2020. Of course, our friends from Rotterdam (Rotterdam organized LED 2020) needed the expertise from Amsterdam to make this day a great one…

During this day, we had to do the chores and let the thinking to the LED 2020 committee. This meant we were responsible for the registrations of the students and the companies, but also we needed to hand out goodie bags and make sure there were enough seats in all case rooms. Moreover, there were a lot of late cancellations. As companies pay for a certain amount of students to attend their cases and presentations, we needed to call people on the waiting list to ask if they still wanted to come within a couple of hours.

These tasks might sound boring, but we all had some fun tasks to do too. For example, some of us received André Kuipers and we thus got to talk to him in person. Also, as some students went home ill during the day, there were a couple of free spots at some cases. We had to attend these cases to fill the empty spots. In this way we got in touch with some companies a little more personally.

At dinner, we were allowed to have seats at the company tables and were almost freed from our volunteer tasks. The only thing left to do was handing out tickets for the afterparty. At the party, we were officially free to party and have a good time. A couple of beers/wines later, no one remembered the hard work we had done during the day anymore and we were having the time of our life with all our friends from the study association!

Unfortunately, to all fun times come an end. The next day, we had to help clean up the NBC and take all kind of goodies to Amsterdam that might be interesting to recycle next year. Tired, but satisfied after a very fun LED 2020, we drove back home to Amsterdam, already brainstorming about the LED 2021!

Kind regards,
Sophie van de Kamp
Laura Merkus
Sicco Kooiker
Jacob Brüller
Finn Hogenhuis
Tom Korenwinder

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