Ticket Sale

The registrations for the Lustrum Week are a little different than you are used to. Instead of registering for an activity on the website, you can buy your passe partout (a ticket for all Lustrum Week activities) in the week of the 11th of April. The 12th of April excluded. If you want to get your passe partout than you should come to the Kraket room to buy it. Make sure to be fast! Because there is a limited amount of 60 tickets for the passe partout available.

Passe partout sale

The ticket sale will be on the 11th, 13th - 15th of April. On April 11 the Kraketroom will open at 13:00 for the passe partout sale. You can buy a ticket for yourself, and one other ticket for a Kraketmember. There are only a limited amount of tickets available, so sold = sold.  A ticket is 72 euro plus transactions costs. A passe partout will give you access to all activities during the Lustrum week. After the ticket sale, the committee will ask everyone about their availability for the Lustrumweek. So, if you can not join all activities you don't have to worry. 

Grande Fissa tickets

The Lustrum committee organises a Grande Fissa to celebrate with everyone the 10th Lustrum of Kraket. Everyone is invited to join, this means that brother and sister assosciations are welcome. Kraket members can bring two non-members to the party. The Grande Fissa will be in Club Atelier. You can buy a ticket for the Grande Fissa in the Kraketroom or online. The price is 10 euro per person. 

Single activities

Do you not have a passe partout? Don't worry, you can buy tickets for single activities. More information about the availability and prices of the tickets will be announced later. 

Kraket will not refund bought tickets

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