When will the activities all be announced?

The activties will be announced on Instragram (lustrum50.kraket) or on the activity website page of the Lustrum. Keep an eye out for all the updates! The last activity will be announced on the 8th of April.

Can I also buy a single ticket?

Yes, starting from the 25th of May you can buy individual tickets.

I want to buy a passe partout, but I cannot go to all activties. Do I get a fine?

This is not a problem, after the passe partout sale we will check your availability for all activties during the week. You can let us know which activities you cannot attend. You can do this during a certain period. However, if you cannot come to the activity after the sign off period, you might get a fine. This will go according to the fine policy of Kraket, like it goes with normal events. 

What happends if you can only participate in half an activity?

If you cannot participate in the entire activity you have to communicate this with the committee during the sign off period. If you don't do this, the normal fine policy of Kraket will apply. 

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