• Inhouseday: Flow Traders

    Note: This event is only third-year students and older.

  • Hot chocolate: Kraket room

    Dear Kraketter,

  • EGW: Beer tasting

    Dear Kraketter,

  • Sinterklaas

    Note: This event will be in Dutch

  • Cocktail workshop masters

    Dear Kraketter,

  • General Assembly

    Note: this activity will be in Dutch, but it is possible request the relevant documents in English.

  • Ik hou van Holland

    Note: this activity will be in Dutch

  • Order your ecotribune

    Dear Kraketter,

  • Valentine's pub quiz

    Dear Kraketter,

  • Inhouseday: De Nederlandsche bank

    Note: This activity is only for 3th years and higher

  • Eerstejaarscommissie: Familiedag

    Note: This activity will be in Dutch and is only for first-year students

  • Cancelled: Cooking class by Jut & Juul

    This FriAfDri will be something else than usual. 
    You know the big names like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Herman den Blijker. 
    However you haven’t met the best of the best yet. But no worries, they are giving an exclusive workshop on Friday the 5th of March. At 17:30 we will start with some drinks and at 18:00 we will start the workshop.
    The recipe will remain secret until further notice. You will receive a list of ingredients that are being used during the workshop. 
    This workshop is also suitable for vegetarians. 

  • EGW: Amsterdamse Bos 15:30 - 17:00

    Dear Kraketters,

  • EGW: Amsterdamse Bos 17:15 - 18:45

    Dear Kraketters,

  • Padel

    Finally, finally, finally, finally! Hold your breath, because it will actually be happening: a physical Kraket activity! Our beloved Sports & Games committee organizes a padel tournament. 

  • Diversity and Development Day

    This year’s Diversity & Development Day is just around the corner! This inspirational event will be organized online at the 31th of March, during which you can improve your soft skills and enjoy your goodie bag from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Speeddate with the board

    Note: The registration process for the board of 2021-2022 is in Dutch. If you would like to know your options of a board year, feel free to contact the electing committee by mailing to

  • First year committee: Beach Volleyball 16:00-17:30

    Note: This activity is now open for all students!

  • First year committee: Beach Volleyball 17:30-19:00

    Note: This activity is only for first year bachelor students.

  • Optiver inhouseday

    Note: this event is only for 3th years and higher.

  • New board registrations

    Wat vind jij van een jaar waarin je veel nieuwe mensen kunt leren kennen, een vriendengroep voor het leven creëert maar ook nog eens heel veel leert? Kraket kiest een nieuw bestuur!

  • LEST: Chess Tournament

    Have you finished the queen’s gambit and started playing chess again, like many others? Now is the perfect time to show all the students from other associations how good you are. Can you bring victory for your association, then sign up now!

  • Charity Auction

    Last year's Charity Auction was an enormous succes and this year will be even better! During the Charity Auction we will raise money for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation. Donations were made by committees members of Kraket, the board, other study associations and some of our sponsors. The auction will start at 15 April 19:00. Note that you can leave and rejoin during this auction. This means that there will be no fines for not showing up. Registrations for this event will open 1 April 13:05 and will close 8 April 13:00.

  • Order your Ecotribune

    It's time for the third Ecotribune of the academic year. The Ecotribune will give us an about about reader's favorites 'Cooking with Kooiker' and the quest to invest! Furtheremore we will read about activities like the Diversity and Development Day and the EGW! 
    Order your Ecotribune to be sure you miss nothing!

  • Associations Battle

    The 20th of April, we will have the kickoff of the association battle, with the first activity being organised by Anguilla and Salus. The event will start at 20:00 with some lovely discobingo, organized by the one and only DJ ConYo. Who of you is gonna end the game swinging with first place? After the discobingo we will close the night off with a mini crazy 44 between associations. Are you the one that is gonna take the first victory for Kraket? Sign up now via this Google form.

  • Inhouseday: Finaps

    Note: This event is for third-year students or higher only.

  • Footgolf

    The sports and games committee is back and better than ever! After the unbelievable success of our padel activity, we are happy to announce that you will not have to wait long for more outdoors fun with your favourite kraketters. 

  • Climbing park

    After the footgolf success, the Sports & Games committee has prepared a new activity! An adventurous activity is on the way: we will go to a climbing park!

  • Kraket Inspiration Day

    The Kraket inspiration day on the 11th of May is an inspiring event that will surprise you. On this day you will hear really interesting stories about subjects you won’t expect.  Broaden your horizon and find out which unexpected things you can do after attaining your econometrics degree. 

  • Festival Pubquiz

    Are you ready for some noise? The second online edition of the association battle will be all about festivals and organised by ACD, VCSVU and Gyrinus Natans! To get into the festival spheres at a soft pace, the evening will be kicked off with some beer yoga. Next there will be a themed pubquiz with questions about festival, music and more where you can win the desired points for your association. After the pubquiz we will have an online after party with beautiful stages with different music. The zoom link for this whole evening will be emailed to you after the registration deadline May 10. Will we see you May 11?

  • Inhouseday: IMC

    Note: This event is only for 3th year students and higher. Furthermore thid event is only for Dutch speaking students.

  • Econometrics Goes Wild 4

    Dear alcoholics of Kraket,

  • Hitchhike weekend (6 feet edition)

    It’s time for the hitchhike weekend ‘6 feet edition’ in Nijmegen! Our favorite virus made sure the weekend is limited to one day, and the whole thing doesn’t even have to do with hitchhiking. But our committee sweaters were printed so we keep our foot down.

  • Sprenkels & Verschuren inhousedag

    Note: This inhouseday is only for Dutch speaking students

  • Association Battle: Ik houd van Holland

    Are you a sucker for Dutch traditions or did you always want to participate in "Ik hou van Holland" by the Netherlands' sweetheart Linda de Mol? GeoVUsie, Mens and SABA are organising the next event for the association battle: the "Ik hou van Holland" game show! Show your knowledge of the Netherlands or your skills in Dutch partygames by signing up through You can sign up with a team or by yourself and the game show will be held in English so everyone can participate! 

  • General Assembly

    Note: This event will be in Dutch

  • Charity Event

    After the successful charity auction it is time for the next charity event. Because of the strict COVID-19 measures there are only a few spots available. We will go to Haarlem, where you will visit one of the nursing homes. This activity will take place on the 8th of June. This activity will take around ~1.5 hours. The activity will be between 13:00 and 16:30. We will play small games like glance (blikgooien in Dutch) with people with a mental handicap. If you want to participate you can send an email to

  • First Years committee: VSAE activity

    Dear Krakketers,

  • Da Vinci Derivatives inhouseday

    Note: This event is only for 3th years students and higher.

  • Kraket Day(s)

    Dear Kraketter,

  • Boat trip

    Everyone knows that in the hot summer days, the best way to escape the heat is water and lots of it, therefore we will take you on a beautiful journey.  Wednesday 23rd of June, we have prepared two boats and plenty of drinks to ensure a great day on the Amstel.  The Amstel does not contain icebergs, so do not worry about sinking cause all we will be doing is drinking! We will board our vessels at 18:00 till 21:00 at Rozenoordbrug. 30 people can join this once in a lifetime adventure so make sure not to miss out!

  • Ecotribune 4

  • Sport and Games: Canoe activity

    As the summer nears and the sun has finally come out to shine over the VU, what could make life any better? Another sports and games activity of course! For one last time Kraket's best committee has a star activity ready for you: canoeing in the beautiful Amsterdam forest. Climb into a canoe or watercycle with your friends and cruise along the water with a few beers. Then join us afterwards on the grass to end the day off with everyone. Join us on the 30th of June 16:00.  Registrations open: June 16th 13:00 and close June 23th 13:00.
    We hope to see you there!

  • Year closure

    Dear Kraketters,

  • Opening drinks - first year students

    Note: this registration is for first year students only

  • Opening drinks - second year and higher

    Note: this registration is for second year and higher only. If you are a first year student, you can register in the other event.

  • Masterday

    This event is for Master students only

  • Introduction Weekend

    Note: This event is for first year bachelor students only.

  • First-year activity: Lasergaming

    Note: this activity is for first year bachelor students only

  • Master drinks

    Note: this activity is for master students only

  • General Assembly

    Note this event will be held in Dutch, relevant documents can be requested in English

  • 2nd year onboarding

    Note: this event is for second-year students only

  • FriAfDri: Red

    The first Friday afternoon drink (FriAfDri) of the academic year is coming up. Join the FriAfDri on the 24th of September to have a chat with your fellow students while enjoying a drink. The FriAfDri will be from 16.00 until 19.00. 

  • Second-year students: Happy Landing

    On the 30th of September, the Happy Landing event for all second year students of the VU will take place at Thuishaven (Contactweg 68, 1014 BW Amsterdam). There will be an info market with interesting student organizations, a chance to get to know each other better with some sporty and fun activities and a great line-up of DJ’s that will help you celebrate the start of your second year!

  • LEST

    Note: this event requires a "testen voor toegang"

  • General Assembly 1.2

    Note: the general assembly will be held in Dutch

  • Inhouseday Mazars

    Note: this event is for third-year students and higher and will be held in Dutch

  • Pool tournament

    The annual pool tournament will be held again this year. During this tournament you will pool in duo's against your fellow Kraketters. The pool tournament takes place on the 13th of October 19.00 - 21.00. It will be held at Poollokaal de Gracht (Nieuwe Achtergracht 110, 1018 WT Amsterdam).

  • Get your grilled cheese sandwich!

    Boost your motivation in the exam week by getting a tosti at the Kraketroom.

  • EGW

    Note: this event will be a corona checkapp event, so make sure you have a QR code if you want to join. Besides, we also recommend doing a selftest

  • Order your Ecotribune

    The first Ecotribune of the year is coming up! With nice informal interviews, reviews of the past activities, puzzles and many more you don't want to miss it!

  • Sport & Games: Escape reality

    Note: this event is Corona CheckApp, make sure you have a valid QR-code

  • Wie is de Mol? Weekend

    Dear Kraketter,

  • Familiedag

    Note: this event will be held in Dutch

  • Caseday

    Note: this event will be CoronaCheck app, make sure you have a valid QR-code.

  • FriAfDri

    Note: This event will use the CoronaCheck app

  • POSTPONED: Master’s Cocktail Workshop

    Note: this event is for master students only. This event uses the CoronaCheck app. Make sure you have a valid QR-code. 

  • Sinterklaas

    Note: this event has been changed to another form. All the participants got an update about this. 

  • Bridge Course

    Note: the starting date has been changed from 17 November in 8 December

  • POSTPONED: Lustrum Drinks: theme reveal

    Unfortunately, this event has been postponed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  • Ski trip

    The ski trip is back! The ski trip will go to Val Thorens, a place loved by students. Fun après-ski, many kilometers of slopes, and high snow guarantee. Something you really don’t want to miss. We leave at Friday the 14th of January in the evening and come back Sunday the 23th of January in the afternoon. For about €550 euro the accommodation, bus trip, and a 6-day ski ticket are included. At an extra price it’s possible to extend the ski ticket, rent ski gear, and hire ski lessons.

  • LED

    Note: there are no spots available anymore

  • Finaps2
  • Flow Traders 2
  • MIcompany
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