The Board 2021-2022

The board is responsible for the functioning of Kraket on a daily basis. The board members make sure that you can buy your books in the Kraket room, they make sponsordeals to fund activities, they keep in touch with other study associations and the VU and they supervise the committees. There's no Kraket-involved question you can't ask them!

f.l.t.r: Sun, Denise, Tristan, Pascalle, Mirte

Chairman: Tristan Wennink
Vice Chairman & External Affairs Officer: Mirte Pruppers
Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer: Denise van Dijk
Treasurer: Pascalle Fijnvandraat
Internal Affairs Officer & Educational Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer: Sun Wester


Chairman - Tristan:

My name is Tristan Wennink and I am the chairman of the board this year. I really like volleyball and making music. For example, I have been playing various instruments at the ViJos music association for 13 years now. I have my own Trumpet and I have been playing Flugelhorn for 2 years now. I live in Huizen. Everyone will be working hard this year, so don't forget to make room for a nice chat, drink or game in the Kraket Room. For example, I’m always up for a game of 30 Seconds or Koehandel. In the end I think the most important thing is to do what you like. My motto is therefore: “Enjoy, Discover, Smile”. Unfortunately, not everything goes without setbacks, but by overcoming these setbacks, you grow as a person into a stronger version of yourself. The blows of last year were also felt for our association and it is therefore up to me, my fellow board members and all members to revive. And all this in our 10th Lustrum year! This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and the Lustrum committee will organize various activities to celebrate this in an appropriate way. Furthermore, it only remains for me to say that I am looking forward to all physical Vrijmibo's, the sports activities and inhousedays. To all of you: Congratulations on our 50th anniversary.

Vice Chairman & External Affairs Officer - Mirte Pruppers:

Hi! My name is Mirte Pruppers and as vice-chairman and external affairs officer I am part of the 50th board of Kraket. As external affairs officer, I am responsible for the acquisition. I will keep in touch with companies, organize in-house days, supervise formal committees and draw up as well as sign contracts. As vice-chairman I also support our chairman, Tristan, when, for example, he is busy or unable to be somewhere or do something. I am required to take over his duties when necessary and will therefore remain up-to-date with all developments within the association. In addition, I will be involved in drawing up and complying with our policy plan, together with the rest of the board. I will of course also be present in the Kraketkamer and at activities, where I would like to see you come over and where I am always open for a chat or for answering your questions. I hope to see you often this year!


Secretary & Marketing Affairs Officer - Denise van Dijk:               

Hi everyone! My name is Denise van Dijk and this year I will be the secretary and marketing affairs officer of Kraket. As the secretary I will take minutes during our meetings, make sure the website is up-to-date and register all members. Besides, as the marketing affairs officer I make sure you stay informed about all the good that Kraket has to offer. I do this by using posters and social media. I look forward to this and hope we can enjoy a lot of fun activities. 


Treasurer - Pascalle Fijnvandraat:

Hey! I am Pascalle Fijnvandraat and I fulfill the function of treasurer. This year, I will be a third year bachelor’s student, but my studies will be a bit on the back burner. As a treasurer, I will namely be concerned with all money matters of Kraket. This entails that I will, among other things, be responsible for the budget, the book sale, but also with the purchases for activities. Since more and more relaxations of the measures take place, I hope to speak all members at physical activities again and I hope that the Kraketroom will be as busy as it should be. Also, I hope to be playing in an indoor field hockey team at Uilenstede with some fellow Kraketters, so, if it is allowed, it would be nice to see some of you supporting us on the side lines! I really look forward to next year and I hope you do too!


Internal Affairs Officer and Educational Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer - Sun Wester:

Hey! My name is Sun Wester and I am currently in my last year of the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research. I will take on the positions of internal affairs officer and educational affairs officer. As an internal affairs officer I am mainly involved in supervising committees and maintaining contacts with our brother and sister associations. I am also (together with my other board members) the point of contact for the members within Kraket. As an educational affairs officer I would like to focus on the level of education within the study. This applies to both bachelor and master studies. You can think of evaluating courses and maintaining contact with lecturers and faculty coordinators. Since I will be Kraket's second education coordinator, there is also a lot of room for personal interpretation. Next year I hope that we can slowly go back to fully physical activities, so that the members can make as many memories as possible with Kraket. I'm really looking forward to this year and hope to meet you all! For questions regarding internal or education related questions, you can always email me! ( or                                      

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